Commercial HVAC

Malek Inc services a wide variety of commercial clients in South Texas and the surrounding Corpus Christi area. From Design / Build to ongoing Service, Malek Inc can serve your building needs.


  • Roof Top HVAC Replacement
  • Chill Water System Replacement
  • Design / Build New HVAC
  • HVAC Controls
  • Sheet metal Design & Fabrication
  • Custom Pipe Coatings and Paint
  • Class 1 Div. 2 Modifications
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Hazardous Location Modification
  • Hospital / Surgical HVAC Systems
  • Professional Project Management
  • Service Repairs and Maintenance
  • Safety Management
  • Emergency HVAC Rental Equipment


West Oso Junior High School


Complete HVAC Central Plant Replacement

  • Replacement Chillwater Air Handlers
  • Replacement of 250 Ton Chiller
  • Installation of 250 Ton Cooling Tower
  • HVAC Controls Upgrade
  • HVAC Re Piping of Building

U.S Border Patrol


Geo thermal open loop ground well HVAC system

  • New Central Plant, Pumps, and Piping
  • Underground Plumbing and Supply Piping
  • HVAC Controls
  • Air Distribution System

Port of Corpus Christi


HVAC Central Plant Remodeling and Install

  • New Chiller
  • HVAC Chill Water Piping
  • HVAC Controls
  • HVAC Insulation
  • Commissioning