HVAC Rental Equipment

Your HVAC team at Malek is ready to serve your emergency or rental HVAC equipment needs. Malek stocks the equiment you need from Chillers to Controls to pumps; Malek has the equipment ready to install today! Call Malek with your emergency or rental needs for your plant or building. We will get the job done.



Stocked Equipment: Installation Equipment:
170 Ton Chiller 60 Ton Crane
90 Ton Chiller 40 Ton Boom Truck
15 Ton Chiller 30 Ton Boom Truck
20-25 Ton PU Portable Welding Machine
15 Ton PU Duct Leakage Test Set
5-10 Ton PU Duct Cleaning Machine

  • • Chiller equipment will be provided with 50 feet of electrical cabling and water hoses.
  • • Packaged Units will be provided with 50 feet of electrical cabling and 4 sections of duct work.
  • • Crane or Boom Trucks will require the listed minimum number of riggers. The operator is included in the rental cost.
  • • Crane and Boom Truck trip charges are valid for within 20 miles of the rental facility. Additional trip charges will be accessed if work site is outside of the 20 mile limitation calculated at $1.50 per mile.
  • • All renter operated equipment must be utilized by qualified personnel only. Assistance can be provided at a rate of $72 per hour.