Industrial HVAC

Malek Industrial HVAC: from Industrial facilities to plant processes Malek Inc has the experience and technical team to fill your plant's HVAC needs. Whether its a design and build or a process redesign, Malek's experienced engineering team will size and specify your chill water or HVAC system.


  • Scrubber Systems Design / Build
  • Manufacturing Equipment Design / Build
  • Process Equipment and Controls
  • Building Pressurization Systems
  • Chemical Fume Hood / Penthouse Ventilation Systems
  • Lab Exhaust Systems
  • Hospital / Surgical Facility HVAC Systems
  • HEPPA Filtration Systems

Industrial Example Projects

Gas Detection System Design / Build


Entire Design / Build and installation of a Refinery Gas Detection system.

  • HVAC Control System
  • Gas Sensor Detection System
  • Integrated Fire / Low Voltage Alarm System

Plastic Pellet Plant Manufacturing


Installed a plant process HVAC system comprising of replacement equipment, control room system, and custom ductwork

  • HVAC Control Room Renovation and System
  • Plant compatible process ductwork
  • HVAC Chiller Size and Install Test edit

Operating Room HVAC

TypeCoastal Surgical Center

Entire Design / Build of an Emergency Operating Room Center including the air cleaning system and a postive pressure system.

  • Scrubbed Air System Size and Install
  • Positive Pressure Room System
  • Medical Gas System

Local Refinery Processing Plant

TypePetroleum Processing Plant

Large laboratory petroleum process plant HVAC renovation project.

  • Comfort Cooling Equipment and control system for lab
  • HVAC Exhaust system
  • Custom Piping and ductwork