Marine HVAC

From large Tankers to small Crew Boats, Malek Inc has the experience. Given the special schedule and environment requirements, Malek Inc takes on tough Marine HVAC jobs. Certified and recommended by many Port facilities.


  • New Construction
  • Port or Ship Design / Build HVAC
  • Port Tug Crew Boats
  • Environmental Coatings
  • Maintenance / Service of Existing Ship Systems

Marine HVAC Examples

John Cox Tugboat HVAC

TypeCorpus Christi Shipyard Tug Boat Work

HVAC work on John Cox #1 Tug at Corpus Christi shipyard.

  • Designed and install the entire HVAC system

USS Lexington HVAC system Work

TypeMarine HVAC

Performed maintenance on the HVAC Chiller System

  • Modified Existing Piping
  • Upgraded Existing Chiller Controls
  • Installed Chilled Water Insulation

Wheelhouse HVAC system Renovation

TypeLarge Tanker HVAC

Repaired the HVAC system on the large Tanker Wheelhouse

  • HVAC Chiller Size and Maintenance